22 Dec

Cookin’ Soul & The Drum Broker Present The Jet Life Drum Kit Okayplayer


Cookin Soul has partnered with The Drum Broker to distribute their Jet Life Drum Kit– reportedly one of the most requested of all time – to fans of their ridiculously great productions for Curren$y and the Jet Life Records crew as well as artists like Freddie Gibbs, Mac Miller, Pusha T and many more. The drum kit – the latest from the Valencia-bred production duo famed for their stellar remixes – features over 300 sounds from Cookin Soul’s personal stash including 21 folders packed with drums, basslines, 808’s, percussion, fills and effects. Cookin Soul delivers this treat to the masses with an explanation of the collection that should give fans a better idea of it’s size and scope:

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Check the track below for a taste of the sounds included in the Jet Life Drum Kit. Scroll to check out the list of records the kit’s sounds were pulled from. Purchase the kit viacookinsoul.com. Stay tuned for more from Cookin Soul.

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Jet Life Drum Kit Tracklist:

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Curren$y – Come go with me (2010)
Curren$y, Trademark & Young Roddy – Jet Life to next Life (2011) (All 8 tracks)
Jet Life – Jet World Order vol. 1 (2011) (Paper Habits, Pilots, Nothin Less)
Fiend – Iron Chef (2012) (All 7 tracks)
Jet Life – Jet World Order vol. 2 (2012) (Welcome, Life)
Sir Michael Rocks – Alive & High (2012)
Fiend – Lil Guetto Boy (2013) (Its On, Know what its like, Play if you want)
Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – Live en Concierto (2013) (All 6 tracks)
Curren$y – The Drive in Theatre (2013) (“Stove Top”)
LE$ – ACE (2014) (All 10 tracks)
This kit includes .WAV files (compatible with all DAW’s e.g. Pro Tools, Abelton, Cubase, Reason, Maschine, Logic, Reaper, FL Studio…)


22 Dec

Kenn Starr x Melanie Rutherford & Black Milk – “The Definition” Okayplayer


Low Budget Crew Member Kenn Starr Returns With The New Single "The Definition" Featuring Melanie Rutherford & Black Milk From His Forthcoming 'Square One' LP, Out January 27th Via Mello Music Group.

Low Budget Crew member and DMV representative Kenn Starr keeps the joints coming with the new single “The Definition” from his forthcoming Square One LP, which is scheduled to arrive on January 27th via Mello Music Group. The track – a spacious banger that Kenn Starr fills with a story of love and loss – features Melanie Rutherford on the hook with production from Black Milk. “The Definition” is yet another win for Mello Music Group and serves as a boon for fans of the DMV MC, following his lengthy absence from the scene. Check the track below to listen to “The Definition.” Grab the free download via Bandcamp. Pre-order the album via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Kenn Starr.

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22 Dec

HISSandaROAR Xmas Present (& Holiday Competition!) | Music of Sound

Rather than do the usual HISSandaROAR Xmas present (i.e. some free sounds) I thought I’d make it a little more interesting this year, so this is a present with potentially an additional reward!



Basically I’ve extracted some rhythmic loops from some of the industrial recording I’ve been doing, along with scaffolding hits I came across: they are yours to do what you like with… But, if you make something interesting with them, email a link to xmas@HISSandaROAR.com & I’ll select a few – the best ten IMHO – and those people will receive a copy of the full library for free when its released early in 2015!

When I first started to mess with sound back in the steam age, one of the first digital gadgets I owned & noodled with extensively was a Yamaha SPX900 with two foot controllers. With it I could process, sample & loop sounds, and I spent many happy hours jamming with it… So this little competition harks back to that idea… But there aren’t any restrictions on what you do with these sounds – recycle them into an amen break if you really want to! Having fun is the main aim, and maybe its an excuse to have a play in the studio or on your laptop or iPad once the Xmas hangover has worn off…


1. Download the new free source material at HISSandaROAR.com/xmas


3. email a link to your creation to: xmas@HISSandaROAR.com


Deadline is January 5th!

And if you want to double check I got it, leave a comment on this post


Happy Holidays and thanks for supporting HISSandaROAR over the last 12 months!
Next year is a special year for me personally, and some serious planning & hard work has been occurring behind the scenes… 2015 is going to be the best yet!

If you are travelling during the holidays please be VERY aware:
there are even more idiots than usual on the roads, so take it easy!







16 Dec

[New Video] 9th Wonder Speaks On Jamla Records, Lessons Learned & Masta Ace With DJBooth #A3CProAudio



Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.03.02 AMPosted By The Certified Genius

As a two part video series, DJBooth was able to speak with none other than acclaimed producer, label head and educator 9th Wonder during the iStandard, A3C and SAE Atlanta presented #A3CProAudio experience. Revealing the official story behind his Jamla Records imprint, lessons that he has learned and Masta Ace, 9th Wonder’s intelligent video interviews can be viewed in full below.


15 Dec

3 Simple Strategies For Mixing On Headphones | The Recording Revolution

To be completely honest my mix on Day 1 was a little rough. The kick drum was way over powering, the low mids were all off, and the vocals didn’t sit where I wanted them. But after implementing these three simple strategies I’m about to share with you, the remaining days of mixing on headphones became very effective – and fun!

When you first sit down to fire open your mix, put on your headphones and find a comfortable overall volume. You should be able to hear things just fine, but it shouldn’t be cranked.

The key though is to not work at this volume the entire time. Why? Because your ears will get used to hearing things the way they are and get lazy. That’s why you need a second volume; specifically a lower one.

Simply grab your volume knob and turn it down till you can just make out all the instruments in the mix and it seems more like background music than anything. An even simpler method is to

The power of the quieter volume is that it is far more revealing. If you can still hear the kick, snare, and vocals at this volume then you know those instruments are in good shape. If key instruments or vocals disappear at low volumes then that’s a red flag that the mix isn’t balanced properly.

I don’t care whether you mix on headphones or super expensive studio monitors, you must always reference your mix on a second set of speakers – even cheap ones.

The concept here is simple: each pair of headphones or monitors has its own EQ curve built in. They shape your mixes sound in their own way and your ears will become familiar with that sound – and adapt.

This is a problem if say,. like me, you have headphones that are a bit on the bright side. Mixing in those headphones tends to produce dull sounding mixes. Why? Because the mix already sounds bright enough to me (because of the bright headphones) so I don’t mix the top end correctly.



15 Dec

New Music Monday (Our SoundCloud Playlist)


This week we’re doing things a bit different for New Music Monday. We get so much good music sent to us from all over the world, so we wanted to feature some of the best and brightest today. Here’s our list of standout tracks. Check out our December SoundCloud Playlist for the complete listing

  1. Cally Reed – “Off That” – Tacoma, WA’s spitta drops a dope ass song and represents for the Northwest and beyond
  2. Chi Chi The Kid – “Fuck 12″ – Richmond, VA’s Chi Chi the Kid expresses his distaste for police brutality in this spacey trap style banger
  3. JCreate – “Days of Blur” – Phoenix, AZ producer delivers chill, jazzy trip hop instrumental.
  4. [Sano] – “EDM Jersey Club December Mix” – Energetic dance mix from a new Cape Town, South Africa DJ
  5. YOGI feat Pusha T – Burial (Crookers Remix) - Italian EDM veterans Crookers remix London producer + VA’s Pusha-T
  6. Unit 187 – 10 Til Midnight (Precinct 187) – Underground jam band cooks up some late night funk.
  7. C Y G N – Cosmic Spleen / The Spleen LP – Smooth trappy beats from this French beat maker.
  8. miska – chocolope – This track is the perfect kind of boom bap era hip hop beat!
  9. Lewpz – 5hunid & u know – This hip hop producer clocks in with a pair of winners, each captures that perfect jazzy hip-hop vibe reminiscent of  90’s era hip hop.
  10. Pearl White – Solitude – This chilly sorta-trappy beat closes out our list because it definitely takes you to some dreamy magical foresty place.

We want to give a special shout out to all the artists who made this list and appreciation to the blogs, curators, moderators, and promoters who brought this good music to our attention. Keep it up!

Listen to the Complete List Here

15 Dec

Cally Reed – Off That #NewMusicMonday


Checking in from the NorthWest is Tacoma, WA’s Cally Reed with a heater called Off That. With an August Alsina feature already under his belt, this new song is the lead track to a new album from Cally Reed that’s set to drop in 2015. Definitely worth checking out!

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The latest Tweets from Cally Reed (@lacedchucks



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15 Dec

D’Angelo surprise-releases Black Messiah, first album in 14 years « PMA – Pretty Much Amazing

dangelonotes photo

DAngelo Black Messiah

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D’Angelo stunned on Sunday night when he surprise-released Black Messiah, his third album, and his first since 2000’s landmark LP Voodoo. The 12-track effort is available on iTunes and it’s streaming on the Spotify player below:

According to Pitchfork:

It revealed that Q-Tip and Kendra Foster (Funkadelic) contributed lyrics [toBlack Messiah], while ?uestlove, bassist Pino Palladino, and drummer James Gadson play on it.

Check out the tracklist below, and a note explaining the album’s title, taken from the lyrics pamphlet handing out at the Red Bull Music Academy-sponsoredBlack Messiah listening party in New York.

D’Angelo, Black Messiah:
01 Ain’t That Easy
02 1000 Deaths
03 The Charade
04 Sugah Daddy
05 Really Love
06 Back in the Future (Part I)
07 Till It’s Done (Tutu)
08 Prayer
09 Betray My Heart
10 The Door
11 Back in the Future (Part II)
12 Another Life

DAngelo surprise releases <i>Black Messiah</i>, first album in 14 years


10 Dec

350 MB of Free Sounds, Presets & Loops by ModeAudio | Sonic Bloom


Madeleine Bloom is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin. She studied Electroacoustic Music at the Franz Liszt Conservatory. In the last few years she’s worked as a technical support for Ableton and has helped countless people with her in-depth knowledge of Ableton Live, various other music apps as well as audio engineering.



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